Active lines

Computational methods for prediction finite amplitude acoustic and elastic waves in complex media

fdtd cell

I'm designing numerical techniques for predictions of the acoustic field complex media. This computational methods include soft-tissue and bone acoustic wave propagation, nonlinear acoustics effects, arbitrary frequency dependent attenuation and elastic waves in solid media. The time domain algorithms includes arbitrary boundary conditions and heterogeneity of the media for correctly describe the acoustic wave processes in biological media for medical ultrasound applications. On the other hand, I designed computational techniques for describe finite amplutude propagation trough spatially modulated media.

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Acoustic field and radiation force generated by HIFU

HIFU tranversal beam

Currently we are working in the description of the acoustic field generated by high intensity focused ultrasound. Amplitude dependent beam properties are studied by means of non-paraxial simulation methods. In this way, high intensity single element focused ultrasound fields and amplitude dependence of the radiation force field are characterized in the focal area due to the nonlinear acoustic effects.

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Acoustic fields in transcranial propagation for ultrasound induced blood-brain barrier opening

Ultrasound techniques are emerging for localized, transient and safe Blood-Brain Barrier opening allowing targeted and noninvasive brain drug delivery. When low amplitude transcranial focused ultrasound is employed the acoustic focal commonly exhibits changes in axial and radial location. Moreover, when finite amplitude waves are considered the focal location of a focused source can be shifted due to nonlinear acoustics efects. In this line we focus the study in predictions of the acoustic field inside the brain, including transcranial propagation and weakly nonlinear effects.

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Sonic crystals

The dynamics of the acoustic waves travelling through periodic structures (i.e. sound crystal) shows very special properties. Thus, we work in the ability of spatially modulated media for focusing sound in axisymmetrical configurations and also on the nonlinear behaviour of this kind of complex media.

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Nonlinear dynamics of coupled oscillator lattices.

Motivated by a special characteristic of the mineral mica muscovite, where tracks from particles as muons can be distinguished in the complex decoration, but the only explanation to most of the tracks is localized excitations, called quodons. They move in the cation lattice, sandwiched between the silicate layers, along the lattice directions. We study numerically and analytically the existence and properties of supersonic kinks, showing that they are very easy to produce and propagate long distances.

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Simulations of microbubble shell dynamics

Simulations of the acoustically driven microbubble sheel dynamics. We study the existence of Intrinsic Localized Modes (ILM) in macroscopic-discrete models of ultrasound contrast agents for drug and gene administration. Models and solutions for sheel dynamics of ultrasound constrast agents.

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Past lines

Ultrasound techniques for vegetable tissue characterization

The elastic parameters of fruit and vegetables are normally monitored in quality control processes as there is a good correlation to the degrees of firmness, turgidity and humidity. These parameters have been traditionally measured by means of penetration tests, which are destructive. We have designed, tested and validated nondestructive ultrasound techniques for elastic and acoustic characterization of orange fruits, providing a quality monitorization method for postharvest processes.

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